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RWC Clubhouse

GFWC Ruskin Woman’s Club hosted a book drive over the summer months.  The Media Specialist at Ruskin Elementary School, Karen Schoessow, provided us with a listing of needed books due to budget cuts.  Members of the club donated 76 books for this book drive, and we delivered the books this week.  Karen, and the principal, Rebecca Salgado, met with us and expressed their appreciation of our continuing efforts for Ruskin Elementary School.  These English and Spanish books will be used by the librarian for children to check out, as well as for reading programs within the school. 

Mission Statement

RWC's mission is to maximize the potential of our community by ensuring the continued development of educational, cultural, and social opportunities through the service and resources of our members.

The General Federation of Women's Clubs - GFWC is one of the world's oldest and largest women's service organizations dedicated to community improvement through volunteer service. 

Making A Difference In The Community