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On behalf of Hope for Justice, please accept our sincere gratitude to The Ruskin Woman’s Club for selecting Hope for Justice as the President’s Project for the next 2 years.  We are so grateful that we are partners with a wonderful and generous group of women, led by President Kat Sherwood.   

On Monday April 11, the ladies gathered to hear more about anti-human trafficking efforts and the services provided by Hope for Justice around the globe, in the United States and here in Florida.  With Mother’s Day approaching, the Ruskin Woman’s Club was inspired to honor our survivors by making button bouquets – naming the event, “Flowers for Freedom.” Making almost 4 dozen button bouquets, these generous women used their craft skills to make a small gift for the women affected by human trafficking and are working to regain their independence and freedom. We are incredibly grateful to The Ruskin Woman’s Club.

Attached, you will find some photos of the button bouquets that have been distributed to the Hope for Justice Aftercare Program.  They have been mailed out and will arrive in the coming days. Thank you for your support and your continued involvement in the fight for freedom as we work together to end human trafficking.

Every month The Ruskin Woman's Club finds creative ways to share their time, talent, and caring intention with the community. Following the February meeting several of the members contributed materials to create and embellish homemade Valentine cards for a local Assisted Living/Memory Care facility to spread the love among the many residents.  These homemade cards were packaged with a unique Beanie Baby in hopes it would encourage fun conversation and a bit of excitement among the residents as they share their Valentine gifts.  Several members of the Woman's Club lovingly and generously donated their long-held collections of Beanie Babies toward this endeavor.  As all volunteers are aware, you get so much more than you give when the giving is born of love and caring! 

#LoveRespectKindness and #GFWCFloridaPresidentsProject   


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RWC's mission is to maximize the potential of our community by ensuring the continued development of educational, cultural, and social opportunities through the service and resources of our members.

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