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The GFWC Ruskin Woman's Club National Heritage property has been a cornerstone of our community for over a century, providing a place for women to come together, socialize, and support our local community. Our historic facility has served as a gathering place for countless events and activities over the years helping to fund local needs, including the first Ruskin Library. The club is in need of some much needed restoration work. We are reaching out to our community for donations to help us fund these critical repairs and ensure that the GFWC Ruskin Woman's Club remains a vibrant and welcoming space for generations to come. Your contribution will help us update our facility, repair structural damage, and ensure that our space is safe and accessible for all members and guests. Please consider making a donation to support this important work and help us preserve this valuable community property. Thank you for your support!

Contributions will be accepted by mail to GFWC Ruskin Woman's Club, P.O. Box 547, Ruskin, FL 33575 or online donations submitted via the Donation form below.

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Thank you for your donation!

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